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Preparations for European Metallurgical Conference, EMC 2021, are ongoing in spite of the Corona Virus situation.

We will endeavor to give you the opportunity to meet again next year in Salzburg, Austria, for a personal exchange of experiences and networking. To support this we ask interested authors to send their lecture offer to GDMB.


Einladung zum GDMB-Fachausschuss Geothermie am 8. und 9. Juli 2020 in Delft, Niederlande

Auf freundliche Einladung von Dr. Phillip Vardon, TU Delft, Department for Geothermal Science and Engineering, Delft, Niederlande soll die nächste Sitzung des GDMB-Fachausschusses Geothermie am 8. und 9. Juli 2020 in Delft stattfinden.


EMPRC 2020 - Cancellation due to Corona Virus

The increasing spread of the corona virus in Europe, especially in North Rhine Westphalia, and the recommendation of the German government’s crisis management group when assessing the risk of major events to take into account the principles of the Robert Koch Institute, made us decide to cancel the EMPRC 2020.Our responsibility for the health of lecturers, exhibitors and visitors led us to this de