Vedanta becomes the largest aluminium producer in India in FY 2019

Vedanta Limited has become the highest aluminium producer in India in FY 2019, the data showed after the publication of its production results for the year ended March 31 2019.

Vedanta’s aluminium production stood at 1,959,000 t in FY2019, an increase of 17 % year-on-year from 1,675, 000 t in FY2018. It was mostly driven by stabilized production increase after the complete ramp up of Jharsuguda smelters. This has placed Vedanta as the largest aluminium producer in India as the company contributed about 53 % of the total aluminium production of about 3.68 mill. t of aluminium in FY 2019. While Nalco produced 440,000 t of aluminium Hindalco is expected to produce about 1.29 mill. t of aluminium in FY 2019. Production from Jharsuguda-I stood at 545,000 t in FY2019. Jharsuguda-II recorded a production of 843,000 t in FY2019. Vedanta’s Lanjigarh refinery produced 1,501,000 t of alumina in FY 2019, up 24 % year-on-year from 1,209,000 t in FY 2018 due to plant debottlenecking supporting its alumina needs to a certain extent. “Improved captive alumina production and locally sourced bauxite are key to drive our aluminium costs lower. The peak run rate at Lanjigarh Refinery during the year was 1.8 Mt/a,” the company statement said. While boosting its production YoY, Vedanta is also committed to different socio-economic initiatives and has undertaken works to promote sustainable development focusing on developing modern health amenities, educational facilities for children and skill development programmes for adults around its community., April 20, 2019