SALCO’s aluminium production to reach 300,000 t in the first phase

According to a recent report, the aluminium capacity in the first phase of production at South Aluminium Company (SALCO) is likely to reach 300,000 t. SALCO is located in the city of Lemerd in the southern tip of the Fars province and near the Persian Gulf.

The smelter, creating 1200 direct jobs, plans to produce 1 mill. t/a of aluminium once reached full capacity, said the report. The required investment for the first phase of the project was more than $ 1 billion, which was financed by five Iranian banks and also contributed by China Non-ferrous Metal Industry‘s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co. (NFC). Besides, IMIDRO, Iran’s largest holding in mining and metals sector, and Ghadir Investment Company have funded the project. Iran has been lagging in the production of aluminium compared to other metals. So, the country now aims at increasing its annual aluminium output to more than 800,000 t by March 2022 and to 1.5 mill. t by 2025. Production at three major smelters in Iran, namely Iranian Aluminium Company (IRALCO), the Hormozal Aluminium, and Almahdi Co. totalled 103,593 t between late March and late August 2019. (, November 11, 2019)