Hazelett Corporation celebrates 100 years of its continuous casting equipment business

Hazelett Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of continuous casting machines for the global metal industries like aluminium, copper, zinc and lead operating in more than 24 countries. The company recently celebrated its 100 years in business. Its continuous casting technology is used in metal manufacturing worldwide to cast metals into strip and bars. Currently over 100 Hazelett twin-belts continuous casting machines are in use in different facilities.

“As a family business, Hazelett has the luxury of taking a longer view; one that encourages investment in research and development, building long-term relationships, preserving our environment, and contemplating the legacy we leave future generations,” said to David Hazelett, President, Hazelett Corporation. The founder of Hazelett C. W. Hazelett commercialized the world’s first continuous casting machines in the 1920s. He dedicated his career to upgrade this technology leaving the business to his sons R. William (Bill) and S. Richard (Dick) in 1956. Now the company is into the fourth generation of its operation. The company has over 150 skilled employees working in 100,000 square feet of buildings in Colchester. Hazelett twin-belt continuous casting machines and spare parts are designed and manufactured in these specialized facilities. They have designed and manufactured the latest casting machines to be shipped to JW Aluminum of Mt. Holly, South Carolina. (, July 30, 2019)