Rio Tinto completes commissioning of A$ 2.6 billion Amrun bauxite mine

Rio Tinto has completed commissioning of the Amrun bauxite mine in Queensland, Australia.

The company said that the mine and associated processing and port facilities will replace production from Rio Tinto’s depleting East Weipa mine.

Rio Tinto will increase annual bauxite export capacity by around 10 million tonnes, at a time when higher-grade bauxite is becoming scarcer globally. Rio Tinto chief executive J-S Jacques said: “Amrun was completed early and under budget, demonstrating Rio Tinto’s productivity and innovation capabilities. Amrun will provide jobs, support businesses and contribute to growth in the region for the next 50 years, building on A$ 2.2 billion of contracts with local, State and national businesses [during construction]. Rio Tinto made first shipment from Amrun in December 2018, six weeks ahead of schedule. Amrun bauxite mine will have capacity of 22.8 million tonnes a year at full production., March 8, 2019