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Warrior Met Coal to begin development of World-Class Blue Creek hard coking coal project

Warrior Met Coal, Inc. announced that it is commencing development of its Blue Creek reserves into a new, world-class longwall mine located in Alabama near its existing mines. Once completed, this transformational growth investment will reinforce Warrior’s position as the premier U.S. pure-play producer of premium metallurgical (“met”) coal products that are sought by customers throughout the global steel industry.


Minim-Martap and Ngaoundal bauxite deposits: New estimates could make them the largest deposits in the world

Australian junior mining company Canyon Resources recently delivered the first results of the final exploration phase (launched in September 2018) of Minim-Martap and Ngaoundal bauxite deposits in northern Cameroon. Camalco (Cameroonian subsidiary of Canyon Resources) identified 65 bauxite plateaux. Added to the 14 plateaux identified by Cameroon Alumina (CAL), former holder of the exploration permits on the Minim-Martap, Ngaoundal and Makan deposits, this brings the total number of bauxite-bearing plateaux to 79.