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Leader of Committee: Dr.-Ing. Sabina Grund

International Zinc Association
Pater-Luig-Str. 15
59457 Werl

Tel.: +49 2922 878354

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The Zinc Expert Committee is a platform which offers information concerning the latest developments and activities in zinc primary metallurgy, recycling and further processing of zinc for the industry, universities and research centres.

The main focus lies on:

  • Zinc extraction
  • Recycling of zinc
  • Production of zinc oxide and zinc dust
  • Metallurgical development and upcoming technical developments within this field

At annual meetings, these topics in particular are presented and discussed combined with visits to companies working in these areas throughout Europe. With destinations such as Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany etc. in recent years, combined with an international membership and participation, the Zinc experts' meeting aims to underline its international focus.

The 68th Zinc Experts Meeting will take place from 19. - 20. November 2020 as a virtual conference.


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