World of Mining – Surface & Underground

General Information
The international journal World of Mining – Surface & Underground is published bi-monthly by the GDMB Verlag GmbH. Scientific articles, news and reports from the resource branch are published bilingual.

The World of Mining covers the entire pallet of raw material extraction through mining.
This includes:

  • geology and exploration of deposits
  • planning of mine installations
  • hauling and extraction technology
  • processing and use,
  • recultivation and land rehabilitation
  • tunneling and gallery construction

A main theme of the journal is lignite mining.
The high technical and scientific requirements are fulfilled by the partnership with authors from industry and research institutes. In addition to original specialist articles and technical reports, the journal informs readers about new developments from the industry, changes in personnel and events relevant to the sector.

The World of Mining – Surface & Underground developed out of the journal "Braunkohle", which was founded in 1902 and also amalgamated with the journal "Neue Bergbautechnik" in 1993. Since 2004 World of Mining - Surface & Underground has included the mining section of the former journal ERZMETALL.

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