General Information
The journal Markscheidewesen, edited by the Deutsche Markscheider Verein (DMV), is published since 2008 with two issues per year by the GDMB Verlag GmbH.

In the journal, which comes out three times a year, contributions are published dealing with themes from the specialist areas of historic mining, the environmental impact of mining, mine planning, subsidence, mine surveying, earth and rock movements, renewable geo-energy, permit procedures, geo-information, ­management of deposits and planning policy.
In addition, news from research and technology as well as book reviews are published and events relevant to the industry are announced.

In 2008 the GDMB Verlag GmbH further intensified its long-standing partnership with the German Mining Surveyors Association (Deutscher Markscheider-Verein e.V., DMV) and took the journal "Markscheidewesen" (Mine Surveying), which has been published since 1885, into its programme.
Editing of the journal is still performed by the publisher, the DMV, but the GDMB is a reliable and competent contact partner for advertising sales and marketing.