Members of the GDMB profit from the international network by taking part in interesting congresses, seminars and meetings of specialist committees free of charge or at special rates. Members also receive one of the association's two journals World of Metallurgy – ERZMETALL or World of Mining – Surface & Underground free of charge.

Fee classes

Annual membership fees including either the journal
World of Mining or World of Metallurgy:

Annual membership fees
Full members150,00 €
Double members (BVÖ, DGM, DGMK, DMV, GDCh, VDEh, VDI)130,00 €
Young engineers (until 5 years after their graduation)85,00 €
Pensioners (after 5 years of full membership) 80,00 €
Students, 2 years free of charge, then until graduation35,00 €
Institutes200,00 €
Companies, minimum fee1.200,00 €

Application form

To become a member of the GDMB, please use the online registration form.

Online registration form GDMB membership

Alternatively, you can download the application form in the PDF document below. After filling it in, please send us the form by post to the address given.


Application form [PDF]


The statutes detailed here were passed by the Member's General Meeting of 15th October 2015 and replaces all previous versions.

Statutes [PDF]

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