Berliner Barbara Preis

The “Berliner Barbara Preis” is awarded for an outstanding bachelor, master or diploma thesis in the field of mining, raw materials, tunnelling and earth sciences and endowed with 3.000 €. The candidates, who must be aged under 30, must have shown above average dedication in carrying out their work. Documents such as a the professors recommendation, CV, photo, a summary of the work and a list of publications must be submitted to the GDMB office.

The donators of this award are Prof. Karl Glinz, Dr. Erhard Andreas, Prof. Hans-Carl Deilmann and Prof. Adolf Scheibe.

Holders of the “Berliner Barbara Preis”

2020 M.Sc. Carolina Brücker
2019 M.Sc. Janith Tharanga Alwis Abeywickrama

2018 M. Sc. Violetta Storoschewich

2017 Dipl.-Ing. Andrea Martinez-Rodriguez

2016 M. Sc. Steffen Beitz

2015 Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Ebert