Lead Expert Committee

Chairman of committee:  Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Zschiesche

Nordenham Metall GmbH
Johannastr. 2
26954 Nordenham

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The Lead Expert Committee is the platform for discussion and exchange of information between the lead producers and manufacturers among the GDMB members. Since it deals primarily with scientific and environmental issues, the universities of Aachen, Freiberg and Leoben are represented in the committee as well. Occasionally, universities from non-German-speaking countries are also represented. Special attention is paid to education and further training at the universities, with the aim of raising the interest of university graduates in the modern and eco-friendly metallurgy of lead, in its further processing and the possibilities of its application.
With the "Lead Award", which was initiated in 2006, the committee pursues the goal of providing an incentive for ambitious specialists and talented young people to commit themselves beyond their professional and student tasks and to contribute substantially with their work to the success and the further development of lead as a raw material. This award is funded by donations from the lead industry, and the candidates are given the opportunity to present the results of their research in the context of two-day lecture programmes that are organized annually at various German and European locations. This provides an excellent opportunity for all the participants to exchange ideas with their European colleagues, and increasingly also with those from all over the world, in a pleasant atmosphere.

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in the period from August 31st to September 02th, 2022 in Beerse, Belgium on friendly invitation of Campine.


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