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Oberberghauptmann a.D. Prof. Dr. h.c. Reinhard Schmidt


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The GDMB History Committee was founded in 1957 and since then has pursued the following goals:

  • Researching the field of mining
  • Raising interest in the history of mining and smelting
  • Collecting literature about metal extraction in Central Europe
  • Maintaining awareness of the miners' culture and tradition as part of the history of mining and smelting

In the context of these goals, well-attended conferences are held every year. They take place not only in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Poland and Slovakia.

The committee maintains close contacts with institutions and organizations with similar aims:

  • Verein Deutscher Eisenhüttenleute, (German Iron and Steel Institute, VDEh)
  • Verein Deutscher Gießereifachleute (Association of German Foundrymen)
  • Schieferverband (German Slate Industry Association)
  • Montanhistorischer Verein Österreich (Austrian Society for Mining History)
  • Verein der Freunde des Bergbaus in Graubünden und der übrigen Schweiz (Association for mining enthusiasts in Switzerland)

Membership of the History Committee is open not only to GDMB members, but also to anyone who is interested in mining history. It unites miners and smelters, but also geologists, specialists in deposits, archaeologists, mine surveyors, chemists and many other enthusiasts of mining and smelting history.

The next meeting of the GDMB history committee has been postponed to next year due to the current situation.


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