Expert Committee for Education and Training in Metallurgy

Chairman of committee:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Stelter

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
Institut für NE-Metallurgie und Reinststoffe
Leipziger Straße 34
09599 Freiberg

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The GDMB has been dealing with the question of the education and training of diploma engineers in the area of non-ferrous metallurgy since shortly after it was founded. The "University Committee", founded in 1926, was the forerunner of the current "Expert Committee for Education and Training in Metallurgy".

Over the past 70 years, suggestions for the modernization of education in metallurgy have been worked on at regular intervals together with universities providing courses in non-ferrous metallurgy and with the metallurgy industry. In this way, courses of study have been devised, which, on the one hand, give those taking them the best career chances, and on the other provide an educational profile which matches the requirements of the companies. With information about the work of metallurgists, prospective students are given an insight into the development of this specialist area and the currently good career chances.

The closeness to current practices of the Expert Committee for Education and Training in Metallurgy is reflected in the regular metallurgical seminars. These educational events covering all areas of non-ferrous metallurgy are intended to appeal to both young and experienced engineers from metallurgy organizations. They are also intended as a chance to build up and maintain specialist and personal contacts between representatives of metallurgy in practice and science.

In the seminars held, current themes from non-ferrous metallurgy and related specialist disciplines are covered both in terms of practical application and theoretical interpretation. The lectures are published in the GDMB publication series and are thus also available to non-participants.

In addition, this Expert Committee carries out regular surveys regarding the requirements of companies in the non-ferrous metal industry for newly qualified personnel, which shed light on the current requirements and allow prognoses for the future to be made.



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