Copper Extraction and Processing Expert Committee

Chairman of committee: Magnus Ek, M.Sc.

Boliden Mineral AB
Rönnskär Smelter
93281 Skellefthamn

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The Copper Expert Committee is an information and discussion platform for specialists from the copper-processing and copper-producing industry as well as from universities and institutes with a focus on scientific metallurgy. Its purpose is to serve the exchange of ideas in the development of science, technology and the protection of the environment in the context of the smelting, refining and production of copper.

The committee has members from 12 European countries and is thus highly international.

The annual meeting of the committee takes place in the form of a two-day seminar with technical presentations and company visits, and is held at varying locations.

The Copper Expert Committee offers all its members and guests an outstanding forum for exchanging ideas and allows them to establish and maintain contacts to other companies from different countries.

The next meeting will take place from September 29. - October 1., 2021 on kindly invitation from Montanwerke Brixxlegg Ag in Austria.


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