Precious Metals

Leader of technical committee:

Stefan Zorn
Allgemeine Gold- und Silberscheideanstalt AG

The technical committee “Precious Metals” is an international circle of 20 to 25 heads of laboratories from industry and research facilities, which is concerned with the analysis of precious metals. Some renowned umpire laboratories also participate.

The committee focuses on the quantification of precious metals in different recycling materials and precious metal products, such as catalytic converters or jewellery and dental alloys.

For this purpose, a number of ring analyses are carried out each year. On the one hand, this is used to proof the analytical performance of the participating laboratories and, on the other hand, this is used to qualify QC samples, which can be used as control samples in routine laboratory operation. The successful participation in the ring analyses are certified by a certificate from the Federal Institute for Materials Testing (BAM).

The technical committee meets twice a year. During these meetings, the results of the ring analyses are discussed, as well as the analytical methods and problems occurring in the laboratories. The participation of some manufacturers of testing devices in these meetings often has a positive impact.

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