Leader of technical committee:

Dr. Sebastian Recknagel
BAM Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung

Dr. Elke Lossin
Aurubis AG

The technical committee Lead/Zinc forms the work and exchange platform for laboratory managers and employees from the lead and zinc producers and processors. Equally represented are employees of public institutes as well as of renowned providers of analytical equipment. Other people interested in the work of the committee are welcome to participate.

The committee primarily discusses analytical problems and questions. This comprises:

  • Preparation of certified reference materials in cooperation with the Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing (BAM)
  • Periodic ring analyses for different analytical methods, especially spark emission spectrometry.
  • Preparation of new test procedures as well as the evaluation of standard specifications.

The following certified reference materials have been issued in recent years:

1) Pb-matrix

  • ERM-EB101a, PbCaSnAl (2009)
  • ERM-EB102a, PbCaSn (2009)
  • ERM-EB103, PbSb1,6 (2006)
  • ERM-EB104, PbCaSn (2011)
  • ERM-EB105, PbCaSn (2011)
  • ERM-EB106, PbCaSn (2011)
  • ERM-EB107, Hg in pure lead (2015)
  • ERM-EB108, Hg in pure lead (2015)
  • BAM-M109, refined lead (2018)
  • BAM-M110, PbSb3 (2018)

2) Zn-matrix

  • ERM-EB602, ZnAl4Cu1 (2014)
  • BAM-M603, zinc powder (2019)

The technical committee meets twice a year, once during the plenary session in the autumn, as well as once in the spring at one of the member companies/institutes. This offers all participants an opportunity to discuss and exchange information with their German and maybe even international colleagues in a nice atmosphere.

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