Leader of technical committee:

Dipl.-Ing. Chem. Anja Kloecker     
BERZELIUS Stolberg GmbH                                 

Dr. Madelein Patzelt     
Harz-Metall GmbH

For many years now, the technical committee “Environment” has been an independent committee within the chemistry committee with representatives from the non-ferrous metal industry and research facilities.
It is the objective of the TC “Environment” to discuss measurement problems and the effect of revisions of statutes in environmental analysis as well as carrying out ring analyses regarding specific issues.
The TC “Environment” meets twice a year (together with the TC “Lead/Zinc”) and currently has 20 active members.

Upcoming events:

Ring analysis “Chloride in acid sulphur”

Recent events:

Ring analysis “Process wastewater from a heavy metal plant”
Ring analysis “Heavy metals in airborne dust”

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