GDMB Stiftung

About us

In 1990, the former President of the GDMB Dr.-Ing. Rolfroderich Nemitz established a foundation for the support of young mining industry specialists, the basis of which was a collection made on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

The earnings of the GDMB Mining Foundation are used to support education and training in Germany and abroad, and for the support of study work in the main exam and research in the areas of mineral and energy raw materials, mining, underground engineering, extraction of metals, recycling and further processing, as well as their disposal. With the award of prizes and grants, work and endeavours involving the combination of science and technology are supported.

If you would like to support the Mining Foundation with a donation, please download and use the donation form [PDF].

Applications for support should be made in writing to the GDMB Administration Office.